Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Gift I Gave For Me

I must say, I was totally impressed with NewlyHusband's Valentine's Day gift for me this year. No flowers, jewelry, chocolate candy, nor stuffed animal BUT a wireless Logitech Tablet Keyboard for my iPad! NewlyHusband is so totally awesome...and practical, LOL.

But honestly, I am more impressed with the gift I gave to myself this year.

If you have ever been to a leadership seminar, read a self help book or visit a psychotherapist, you must have heard this saying; "Before you can expect others to love you, you must first learn to love yourself."

That sayings above can be modified to so many things and will still ring the truth. Examples; "before you can expect others to change, you must first learn to change yourself." or "before you can expect others to bring you happiness you must first learn to catch them yourself." etc...etc...

The point of this sayings is that EVERYTHING starts from you.

So that is the reason why this year, not only I bought gift for my husband, (which by the way, was a really neat personalized cereal bowl from PersonalizatonMall.com that impressed him so much) I also give one for myself.

It is a book I found in my BFF, Mrs.G's favorite coffee shop in town, Coffee Times. This book is called The Self Help Smorgasbord by Knock Knock. It has 104 pages of weekly activity for 52 weeks too help yourself find contentment.

This book, is obviously published for entertainment purposes and not in any way was license to help crazy NewlyWife like me. But it is no doubt will be a fun adventure to try.

The plus side of giving myself the gift of this book, considering I will have to have a resolution to stick to after valentines day, this will be my easy ticket. The resolution of making changes, will starts from me, with the help of this book.

One more thing.
I have invited my BFF, Mrs.G to walk with me through this project.
What girl doesn't appreciate some help from her BFF to stick with their resolution?
Mrs.G minds, of course, but what the hell, as a good friend I will drag her into this anyway whether she likes it or not (*evil smile)

And so, let's have the recording of the progress starts today,,,,

First Week Activity, According to The Self-Help Smorgasbord;
#1. Get Enough Sleep

a. Go to bed earlier
b. Wake up later
c. Nap

Easy enough to start. Or is it? 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I hope everyone is having a blast today and may all your plans go well.
As for me, I have been planning for weeks for my Valentine's Day celebration. That's why though I've promised to share my resolution with you today, I really will have to postpone it.
I am busy busy busy busy ^_^
Don't believe me?
Just take a peek on our breakfast this morning,

That is Betty Crocker's Bisquick pancake batter mixed with red food coloring, cooked on a waffle maker. And Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll , some hand shaped to resemble a heart. I used strawberry pancake syrup, whipped cream, strawberry, kiwi, and pink lemonade.
Divine, no?
Wait till you see the lunch!

I also share the love for NewlyHusband's co-worker through heart-shaped donuts breakfast from Dunkin Donuts. They are very adorable, check this out!

I am getting ready to go to class here in 30 minutes. Then, NewlyHusband and I are going to have home cooked valentines day lunch at 12 pm (of which I will be cooking) After lunch, I will have to go back to classes at 2 pm. 3 hours later, straight from school at 5 pm, I will be heading to work.
Busy, busy, busy, busy....

But happy and full of love <3

Happy Valentine's Day again everyone!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Resolution Plan

Everyone makes their resolutions on New Year’s Eve.
Not me.
I make my resolution on Valentine’s Day.

Because it’s perfect!

Valentine’s Day is the only day everyone on earth (I’m exaggerating here, but I just want to make my point across) are forced to think about love. Heart shaped everything are popping out in every corner you go. Flowers, candies, and jewelry commercial, all of them selling love in every TV and radio you hear. You can’t really escape from stumbling upon some pink heart shaped confetti on Valentine’s Day, it is highly impossible.

People say the power of love itself is already grand. Well, on Valentine’s Day, the power of love is MASSIVE, as in retail market industry MASSIVE. (Just trust me, it’s bigger than big.)

Let us ask our self this question; why make our resolution on the day we woke up hangover and sleep deprived after the New Year‘s Eve party? No wonder a lot of you had a hard time sticking to any of it.

Why not have your resolutions set on Valentine’s Day where you are empowered by the massive power of love? There are beautiful thing such love out there, you are loved, you love someone, you love something, and it’s all happy thoughts! You will be more likely to stick with your resolution when you feel positive.

So today, since Valentine’s Day is 4 days away, I’m going to have the plan ready to help me sticking to resolution that I am about to make.

I will blog once every week for the next 52 weeks (that's one year) recording the progress of my Valentine’s Day resolution!

Considering I am a NewlyWife, a student, and a part time waiter, I realize I will not always have the time to blog. But I think by making a big commitment like this, it will make sticking to my resolution whether I like it or not, a responsibility. Therefore, I will be more likely to do it.
It’s perfect! Don’t you think??

I cannot wait to start.
Hope to see you in four days!